Outdoor Meditation

Outdoor Meditation

Most people meditate inside. Typically we recommend meditating as part of your morning routine, as a way to start the day refreshed, and therefore it is only natural that we tend to meditate inside, in the bedroom or somewhere else in our home. However, meditating outside can also be beneficial and, if nothing else, can serve as a nice break from your routine.

Meditating in a completely silent room is often the ideal setting, especially for those of us whose minds are easily distracted or for beginners. Being free from all sounds and other types of external stimuli can make it easier to quiet the mind and focus on the objective of your meditation session. It could also be argued that in order for the peacefulness attained from meditation to carry over into our everyday lives, it is better to have some minor distraction around during meditation, to more closely match the chaotic, noisy environments we often face.

If you do decide to try meditating outdoors, you will obviously want to choose a peaceful location such as a beach, next to a river, in the forest, etc. We have actually found that in the right location, the soothing sounds of crashing waves, chirping birds, babbling brooks, or wind moving through trees can enhance meditation. In addition to the audible sounds, outdoor meditation also brings new smells and tactile sensations such as the grass under our feet or wind on our skin. If you haven’t tried it, give outdoor meditation a try and see how it works for you.



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